This update has the following changes:

  • Android TV support
    • PStreamer is fully compatible with Android TV’s leanback launcher, with a dedicated TV based UI included.
    • Developed for NVIDIA Shield TV but will likely work on other Android TV platforms.
    • Controller mapping is not supported, most controllers work out of the box.
  • Re-add support for legacy analog sticks when using the on-screen controller (where the analog stick appears on the screen when and where you touch, rather than a static location). This can be enabled in the Settings menu for your PS4 profile.
  • Fix some bugs from the new controller mapping updates in v2.3.0. Add ability to reset controller mapping and clear individual controls.
  • Add support for hot keys (where 2 or 3 button combinations can trigger another event).
    • Digital buttons only supported (can’t use analog sticks etc).