This update has the following changes:

  • Add “Auto-hide toolbar button” option in Settings. This can be enabled to auto-hide the toolbar button during gameplay.
  • Improve audio latency for some devices by adjusting for incorrect platform audio handling.
  • Fix bug where double tapping an analog stick to enable L3/R3 would cause that button to get stuck on.
  • Add support for diagonal DPAD presses with the on screen controller.
  • Other minor internal bug fixes.

For our power users, we’ve also added some advanced settings (unlocked by tapping “Software version” in the Settings menu, see the User Manual for further details):

  • Use legacy registration: Enables the legacy PSN + PIN registration method from previous PStreamer versions for use on older PS4 firmware.
    Note: This only works for PS4 firmware versions 5 & 6.
  • Custom external port mappings for PStreamer.