While Android provides a consistent means of exposing controller mappings to applications, the actual mapping is implemented by phone/tablet manufacturers. The inherent fragmentation due to it often being done differently required us to provide a means of remapping any controller (including non-DS4) that is recognized by Android.

This update aims to solve this problem and includes the following:

  • Enable controller remapping for any USB/Bluetooth connected controller.
    • Controllers can be set up in PStreamer Settings. Multiple controllers can be setup allowing easy switching between controller mappings after a quick one-time setup.
    • Supports remapping of digital as well as analog buttons (i.e. analog sticks, rear triggers). Please note, the majority of DS4 mappings (including the official one contributed to AOSP by Sony) does not support the multi touch pad. This is exposed as an on-screen control in PStreamer.
  • Support DDNS for internet remote play.
  • On-screen controller improvements:
    • Improvements to multi touch pad, separating it from other controls and enabling it even when a controller is connected (it is hidden by default).
    • Add option, configurable in Settings, to enable vibration on button press for a sense of haptic feedback.

This build can be obtained via in-app update or get the latest from the download page.